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Greetings Newgrounds!

2012-07-11 19:35:13 by Deemape

Hello people of the world,
I'm a guy who loves to draw, and since I was a kid, I always had the dream of doing animation, but never did something about it. Earlier this year I thought "fuck it, I'm just going to pick up flash and do some animations, even if it's just for fun". I also messed around with flash once in awhile since I was a kid, but never tried to do anything complex with it.

And so a few months ago I started sketching ideas for some simple animations I could do, but I always ended up doing more complex stuff that I can't manage yet. I started like 3 or 4 different projects that I left hanging, then I had an idea for a short about the videogame Journey, and took that project to the end.

Even thought the animation is nothing special, I struggled with it alot(being my first animation and all), I took way too much time around frivolous things.

Near the end, I just wanted to end it and publish it! Still, this was a fucking great experience for me to get to know flash better and gain some experience. I plan to do much simpler stuff on my next couple of animations.

Hope you enjoy my stuff!

PS: I'm having some troubles uploading a Profile Image and a User Icon. I've tried several image formats, several image sizes and 3 different web browsers and everytime I upload an image a pop-up appears saying: "Crop your Image", but nothing else happens after that.
If anyone reading this knows what's going on, please say something.


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2012-07-11 22:01:21

Your first animation was perfect, looking forward for more.

Deemape responds:

Thank you! More is coming!


2012-08-09 00:26:33

I'm having the same problem with the Profile Image, but my User Icon doesn't even bring the crop thing up...